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How does OIL AND GAS RENDITIONS help you? uses the same tables and calculations the local governments use to assist you with your annual renditions for the state of Kansas. Each year, we update and maintain the local government tax tables and calculations. The application quickly calculates the Schedule A the Counties use. Use it to compare and decide if you should submit your own rendition numbers or use the County numbers. When you are ready, you can print your renditions to sign and mail in. Before printing your renditions, be sure to email us and get your Tax Savings Worksheet! This worksheet lists your leases and shows you all the areas you may be able to save on your Taxes (millions have been saved). You can choose to make the adjustments or have us help you. Once you are all done, the software saves your information for the years to come.

Customer Messages as of 2/6/2024:

Counties are requiring Operators to attach a Paylist to the renditions. Please contact your purchaser and request an updated paylist to attach to your renditions.

The 2024 Kansas State Oil and Gas Guide has been released. Before you enter, make sure you are on 2024! If you have paid for this year, the site should be updated to 2024. To check this, login and on the home screen it will say in bold letters what year you are on. Make sure it says 2024.

The tax savings are out there! Every year, we find thousands and thousands in tax savings for customers.
A 5 minute call with us could cut your tax bill in half! No gimics, we helped write the software many Counties use to figure the taxes; We know what to look for!
Our customers are so excited by the tax savings we have found them, they will tell you themselves! References are available to talk to you upon request!
We have found savings for all sizes of companies from top 10 Kansas producers to single lease owners.

Other Software Offers:

Ask us about our Joint Interest Billing solution! It easily works with Quickbooks and other accounting systems.

The solution is built for big and small companies and everything in between.
We separate out the accounting process so that you can easily run your JIBs each month and easily tie your information back to your accounting software.
The software is a must see, call us at 785.623.0473 or email for more information.

Ask us about our Oil and Gas Field Tracking software! Known as "OGFT".

The solution is built for big and small companies and everything in between.
We make it extremely easy for your pumpers to report lease gauges. They can leave their gloves on if they want to! This software tracks everything in the field and can be accessed using your phone or any device connected to the internet. It also can be used as a central spot for all communication with a unique "Notes Center" allowing anyone with access to the software to communicate by text message. The note pops up on your software immediately. You can even send a note back to their phone immediately keeping a log of your notes to track or delete along the way. The software also flags wells that are down and can be used as a project tracker. If you use all 3 of our solutions, the software can share data with Oil and Gas Renditions and Joint Interest Billing as needed. No more double entry!
The software is a must see, call us at 785.623.0473 or email for more information.

Company Information: is owned and operated by Business Decisions, LLC.
Business Decisions, LLC is a local Kansas company based out of Hays, Kansas.

PHONE: 785.623.0473

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